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I Sit and Stay

A Survival Guide for Kids (and parents too!) will help you and your child stay safe in the outdoors, but we couldn’t possibly fit everything in a picture book!  So, this page will hopefully answer some frequently asked questions.  If you have a question, send it to us @
CARDA is the largest and most geographically dispersed search dog organization in California and is a direct resource for the State of California Office of Emergency Services (OES) Law Enforcement Division.  Established in 1976 and considered the premier search dog organization in the nation, CARDA and its standards serve as a model for other search dog teams.
Endorsed by CARDA- California Rescue Dog Association.

Find Out How To Get a I Sit and Stay
Cap and Help Your Community at 
The Same Time!
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ISBN 978-0-9797702-4-1 • Book/Survival Kit • 40 pages • Full color • $19.95

ISBN 978-0-9797702-3-4 • Survival Kit • $9.95

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ISBN 978-0-9797702-2-7 • Book • 40 pages • Full color • $9.95

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